Claimed Relatives Insurance

Claimed Relatives Insurance

by | Dec 10, 2021 | ObamaCare

For many Latino families reuniting in the United States is a dream, but when you are in the claim process there are many doubts that can arise. Especially when the relatives to whom we are claiming are our older parents or minor children. A common question is in relation to the type of insurance that the claimed relatives can obtain, so we will dedicate this article to clarifying that question.

Conditions of the claim of relatives

The first thing we must know is the conditions with which we are going to claim our family members; so it will be easier to clarify and clear up any doubts that may arise. One of the main conditions for claiming family members is the Affidavit of Support.

This legal document is signed by the applicant to guarantee to the government that will take care of the expenses of the person who will enter the country. It usually lasts about 5 years, during which time that person will be under your responsibility.

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Can claimed relatives get health-insurance?

This will depend on the circumstances of each person and particular case; but generally, there may be several options available.

Health insurance from your employer

For example, if your relative can work in the country he could obtain insurance from his employer. This would be the first possibility; However, if you as the sponsor are the one making the claim and you have insurance from your employer, your claimed family members cannot benefit from this insurance, as they are not considered dependents of your employer; in this case you need to find another alternative.


In the case of parents over 65 who cannot work, the alternative they may have is to access a policy in the insurance market such as ObamaCare. With the Affidavit they are under your responsibility; for this reason, the policy is calculated based on your income and those in your name. But you will not be the person who receives the benefits, but the third parties on your behalf, in this case, your parents over 65 years of age.

In the case of children who are dependent on the parents who claim them according to the Affidevit, they can also opt for insurance such as ObamaCare; with the income of the father or mother, depending on the case. We know that this topic can be difficult for you and there are different types of cases in which exceptions can be made.

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Other options

The above are the most profitable options. However, in the midst of the chaos, some have chosen to take other somewhat risky alternatives. For example, if you have a small business you could include your parents in the insurance plan as their employer. On the other hand, there are those who opt for visitor insurance, which is not very common and covers very little; and this will only work if your relatives were within the country for short periods of time.

Most insurance policies can be expensive and have certain limits for new immigrants or claimed family members. As a recommendation, it is better to choose a safer option and consult with the appropriate personnel to receive the best guidance in this matter, where the health of a family is involved.

Therefore, if you do not understand or you have questions, you can call us at 786-334-66-12 and we will gladly help you. At Opportunity Insurance we specialize in these areas and we have experts who can provide you with the best advice. You can also visit us at our headquarters, and remember that we provide services in more than 20 states in the nation.