Event insurance, what are they? Find out why you need them

Event insurance, what are they? Find out why you need them

by | Aug 8, 2021 | Car, Health

The unforeseen events in all kinds of events are the order of the day. If you are an event planner or you are going to carry out any type of personal celebration, it is best to have insurance. Thus, if something arises, you can rest easy and count on the support of the insurer.

At Opportunity Insurance we specialize in all types of events and we provide you with our services. You can contact us on our social networks or call our offices. Let’s see what event insurance consists of, what the policy covers and the advantages of having this type of policy.

What is event insurance?

Many know it as wedding insurance, but it is a policy that serves to protect what you invest in any type of event; be it personal, cultural, sports and any type of party (baptism, 15 years, communion, wedding, anniversary …). In case of unexpectedly canceling the event, the insurance can help you; or if there is someone injured in the celebration or by the damage caused to the property where the party is celebrated.

Insurance coverage for events

Generally, the basic coverage of the policy for events includes:

Cancellation coverage

& nbsp; In the event that due to any unforeseen event (accident, illness or death) you have to suspend, postpone or delay the celebration, the policy can help you cover the expenses for the deposit of the place. The Date changes for opinions are not included in this policy.


It may be that the photographer, the chef, those in charge of the clothing or any other service that you hire will be bad for you and you need to hire someone else at the last minute; the policy can help you with the expenses that these changes generated.


If during the event any damage is generated to the property where it is being held and you are found guilty, the policy will cover the expenses generated in the repair of said damages.


Be the host, a guest or worker who suffers an injury during the event, it may be a fall, a burn with something from the kitchen or any other type of accident during the celebration, the policy will cover medical expenses related to this injury.


Be it a private or public event, a theft situation may arise, where someone takes some of your belongings. It is not the most common, but it can happen, and having this coverage within your policy can help you in the event of this unforeseen event.

In each insurance you can add other policies in relation to events depending on the type of this. The recommendation is to make sure you speak with your advisor and that he or she confirms the coverage that is included in the insurance you are going to take out. For this reason, at Opportunity Insurance we have trained personnel to answer any questions regarding the service we offer you; feel free to ask.

Tips for securing an event

When we are going to carry out an event, the first thing is to locate the venue. Once this step is completed, the first advice is to contract insurance for events as soon as possible, so you will receive a better price. Remember that for each event the policies may vary. Make sure to carry out a risk assessment of the event to purchase a policy with the correct coverage; It may not be as high for a wedding as for other types of events.

Talk to the owners of the place. They rarely include some type of insurance in the price, but it doesn’t hurt to keep you informed; This way you will avoid extra expenses . Inform attendees of the terms and conditions of the event, so they will be more careful and accidents can be avoided.

You can choose to seek legal advice if you have any questions. Usually your insurance advisor can help you in this regard; being well informed will prevent you from breaking the law. You can call us at 786-334-6612, at Opportunity Insurance we will gladly assist you.