1.Is a medical examination necessary in order to obtain health insurance?

The insurance company itself is being able to offer an examination, or request a medical history questionnaire. So you can benefit from having a reliable report on your health.

2.Can I take out medical insurance in case of illness?

The vast majority of policies are able to adapt to the patient's health conditions. Once the person's
health status is known, a policy is offered to cover their needs.

3.How much capital must be insured in life insurance?

To decide, the person's income level, circumstances and other details are taken into account. But,
normally it is usually covered between 3 or 5 times the income that the family acquires during the

4.Is life insurance expensive?

Many people find this type of insurance expensive. However, you have to break this cycle of
beliefs, and that is why at Opportunity Insurance we offer you insurance that is very accessible and
that provides many advantages.

5.Is it really so necessary to have home insurance?

You must remember that when protecting your home from any possible eventuality, you can
count on a secure guarantee. In addition, if the house is mortgaged, it is necessary to insure it due
to the assets that are in it.

6.What are the requirements to purchase home insurance?

There are a number of factors that are required in order for the insurance to cover our home. In
the first place, it must be used only with the intention of being inhabited. And, on the other hand,
its construction must be extremely solid.

7.How should the content of the commercial risk insurance be insured?

To do this, a measurement of the magnitude of the capital to be insured must be carried out. In
this way, machinery, products, furniture, computers and products for sale are taken into account.

8.What is required to protect the business against theft?

Certain information needs to be provided regarding protection measures. Once the insurer is
aware of them, she will have the opportunity to accept the risk and determine the corresponding
insurance premium. Normally, insurers require that the premises have protection systems, such
as: alarms with a connection to the police, an armored door, metal closures, bars in each opening,

9.Why is vehicle insurance useful?

First of all, you can prevent any kind of mishaps that may occur. In addition, it is capable of
providing protection against various accidents and the necessary support in case of suffering a
difficulty on the road. On the other hand, it is capable of shielding you in an economic sense and
protecting you in existing services.

10.What must be taken into account before purchasing insurance?

You should think about why you want insurance. In addition, when choosing the type of coverage,
each one of them should be reviewed separately, in order to know the different levels of
protection. Then, the type of classification they have must be compared.

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