Health insurance gives you money back

Health insurance gives you money back

by | Jun 20, 2021 | Blog, Health

Many clients are unaware that health insurance can give them money back . This benefit is offered by most insurance companies, and today we will talk a little about this topic, so that you can take advantage of this health insurance benefit.

Of course, to be eligible for this benefit you must have a current plan with an insurance company. Also, regardless of your policy plan, you have the option of a free preventive medical exam every year; It is one of the first benefits and with which you can choose to return money.

What should you do?

Obtaining these benefits is very simple, you must follow some steps, which may vary depending on your insurance company. You have the possibility of receiving money for eating healthy, exercising more and living better.

  1. Register on your insurance page, there they will place the steps you must follow to obtain rewards, which can be filling out surveys, following a healthy lifestyle, meeting the established dates for routine medical exams, among others.
  2. Get your annual preventive medical exam. Which is completely free by the insurance; includes mammography, Pap smear, prostate exam, among others. This requirement is essential to be able to obtain the benefits of your money back.
  3. When you get the vaccines you can also opt for money back.
  4. Choose your doctor within the time limits that establishes your insurance.

These are just some of the ways you can get rewards or benefits from insurers. Each has its own strategies and reward plans; the ideal is to find out with your insurance advisor how you can opt for this benefit offered by health insurance.

How to get the money?

Normally, for each activity carried out the insurance will indicate the amount of money that you will receive at the end. For example, for an annual medical exam it can be about $ 15 to $ 20, depending on your insurer.

Each program is different and the amounts can also vary, as well as the amount of activities that you must carry out in order to obtain these benefits. What insurers do have in common is the way in which you will receive the money. It will be once the program is finished and the surveys and activities are completed, which you can consult with your insurer and most of you can get on their website.

If you have a health policy with us at Opportunity Insurance, you can call our offices and we will gladly give you all the information you need. This money is deposited on a visa or MasterCard, and to request it you must follow the instructions of your insurer.

How can you use that money?

That money is entirely yours, you can spend it however you prefer. Next, we will give you some ideas of what you can do and you may not have to pay more for health insurance; pay attention. With the money obtained as a reward you can:

  • Pay expenses related to your insurance, such as monthly premiums, deductibles, doctor co-payments and coinsurance.
  • Monthly bills such as utilities (gas, water, electricity), utility bill. telephone, rent, child care, etc.
  • Buy medicines in different pharmacy networks.

Remember that regardless of the type of policy or plan you have, you can get these benefits. So it is very important that you stay informed about the rewards plans offered by health insurance. You could not pay for your health insurance and take advantage of that money. For more information, remember to visit our YouTube channel.