Insure my house against all risks

Insure my house against all risks

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Blog, Home

Our house or home is the most precious and expensive asset; having it insured is a priority for the peace of mind of the whole family. At Opportunity Insurance we offer you an insurance policy for everything, and we also want to explain what you should take into account when acquiring coverage depending on the type of property, to offer you the best insurance service. We’ll also talk about what the insurance policy covers.

Secure more than your home

The coverage of insurance for your home can include much more than just the protection of the property. Among the main things that a home insurance policy includes are other structures, personal property, family, visits or additional expenses; Let’s see some details.

The house

Mainly your insurance coverage will protect your home from damage such as fires, theft, floods and earthquakes. You can include different policies in your insurance, depending on the particular needs of the location of the house and the risks.

Other structures

This type of policy may include the repair of structures separated from the house, such as the fence or the shed, in case these are affected by some covered damage.

Personal property

The belongings of our home are also very precious, so we can insure them in case of an accident or unforeseen, such as theft or other damages that are included in our coverage. This can give us more peace of mind.

This policy normally includes electrical appliances, personal items (clothing, footwear), among others. If you want to protect jewelry or other valuables that are inside the house, you can consult with your advisor.

The family

If any family member suffers an injury or is the cause of accidental injuries to third parties, the civil liability policy can help you in these cases. It also usually includes damage to neighboring properties. Medical expenses derived from an accident at home can also be included in your insurance coverage.


Accidents or injuries suffered by a third party in your home and medical conditions that these generate may be covered by the medical protection policy for visitors. You can consult with our professionals at Opportunity Insurance so they can give you all the information in this regard.

Additional expenses

When you cannot continue living in your house due to the seriousness of the damage caused by an accident (fire, repairs after an earthquake, among others), the coverage of the expenses that this implies, be it hotel, food, transportation etc., you can include it in your policy.

What insurance to choose according to my type of house?

Insurance policies may vary, depending on the needs of our home, its location and other factors. At Opportunity Insurance we want to offer you the best services adapting to your needs and budget, since we know that your house or home is valuable to you and your family.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying a house or you already have one, or you want to build it, you should take into account that the community, the price, the location and the characteristics of the house will influence the insurance needs you choose.

The condominiums

In these cases there are personal and common needs that you should look for in a comprehensive home insurance. For example, having a liability policy and protection for visitors could be pressing in view of the common areas that you will have to share.

Mobile home

In this case we could consider it as a type of house, which needs protection. Basically the policy must include civil liability, coverage for the home and personal property.

House or apartment rental

If you are a tenant, you can also have protection for your personal property, medical expenses of third parties and your family. Renters insurance would be a good option for you. Ask our expert advisors on this subject, they will surely give you good ideas and look out for your interests.

At Opportunity Insurance we have a team of professionals available to answer your questions. If you want more information you can contact us, visit our YouTube channel or our social networks.