Looking for options for your auto insurance?

Looking for options for your auto insurance?

by | Jun 20, 2021 | Blog, Car

If you have a car, you know it is a well-valued investment, and of course you want to have it insured. So you can have the peace of mind that you have protection in case something unforeseen happens. Also, the law requires it.

Regardless of whether it’s new or used, you can find a policy that meets your needs. At Opportunity Insurance we are waiting for you, visit us or call our contact 786-334-6612. We will gladly give you all the information you need. Next, you will be able to know everything you need to know about the auto policies that the market has at your disposal.

Auto insurance, what does it consist of?

The main objective of having auto insurance is to repair or compensate the damages that may be caused in an accident, either to third parties or to the insured car itself. The types of policies that you can include in your auto insurance usually vary; You must take into account the type of vehicle you have and want to insure.

Car Policies

If you are going to look for a policy for your car, you should know the different options available to you and the coverage of each one. So you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Civil liability policy

In addition to being a requirement to be able to drive a vehicle in the country, this insurance can help you to cover damages caused to third parties, whether they be injuries or property damage. Whenever these are generated by an accident, which must be established in the coverage policy.

Collision policy

As its name implies, this policy can cover the expenses, damages or replacement of the vehicle after an accident involving another vehicle.

Comprehensive policy

This policy offers you extra coverage in an accident with another car. In addition, other damages are included such as those caused by theft and vandalism, weather disasters or incidents with animals.

Uninsured Driver Policy & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

This policy can protect both you and your car, in the event of an accident with an uninsured driver. Or if after the incident the driver runs away. These policies can be combined with others perfectly, for greater security.

Medical expenses policy

After an accident where there are injured medical expenses are usually very high. Having this policy will help you cover these expenses, regardless of who is at fault for causing the accident.

All risk policy

This insurance includes all policies, in addition to certain specifications. This policy can cover from small damages to our vehicle such as scratches and bumps, to the total loss of the vehicle. All these coverages will be made regardless of whether they were caused by our fault.

Each policy is different and specific; therefore, each one will have an independent value. You can contact our agents at Opportunity Insurance offices and we can gladly help you choose the best auto insurance for you.

Importance of car insurance

Having auto insurance offers you a safeguard for your investment. In this case it would be the car, this being part of your family heritage. In addition, it is illegal to drive a car without its respective insurance. But we will give you at least 4 reasons why it is important to have insurance.

Protection against your Car – Opportunity Insurance
  1. In the event of theft, having insurance can help you recoup this investment.
  2. After a traffic accident, your car may need repairs, and insurance will help you. It will help with the expenses.
  3. If third parties are affected in the accident, the insurance can provide them care.
  4. By having insurance you will have guaranteed legal and medical assistance if you need it.

Do not hesitate to contact us, at Opportunity Insurance we are at your service.