ObamaCare, government help for this pandemic situation

ObamaCare, government help for this pandemic situation

by | Jun 20, 2021 | Blog, ObamaCare

It is now when you should take advantage of the opportunity that ObamaCare is offering you, to have health insurance. The pandemic has put the lives of many people at risk; many have lost their jobs, their situation has changed, and they cannot cancel health insurance.

Don’t wait any longer, you already have little time this year to contact an insurance agency and take advantage of this government help. At Opportunity Insurance we want to help you, giving you guidance and personalized attention in this area.

How long is the enrollment period for ObamaCare?

ObamaCare is low-cost health insurance, which any citizen with legal status can opt for. Normally the period lasts about 45 days, where the insurers will be waiting for your visit or call to help you channel this benefit.

However, this year the registration stage will be available for much longer than just 15 days, so don’t wait any longer, it’s time to request this benefit.

Remember that before applying for ObamaCare you must have an insurer with which you will make the health contract. At Opportunity Insurance we want to offer you our services, call us or visit us at our offices and we will gladly help you.

Who needs ObamaCare?

This plan was created for people with limited or low resources , who cannot afford health insurance. If you don’t have a health plan, this is your chance to get it at a low cost.

But what if you already have a health plan, but are unemployed due to the pandemic? You can also obtain this benefit, you just have to contact us so that our advisors will recalculate the amount you must pay.

You just have to go to our offices, at Opportunity Insurance we are at your disposal to help you and you can also contact us through the number 786-334-6612.

How much are you going to pay for ObamaCare?

The insurance advisor te will calculate the amount you must pay according to your income. Therefore, this amount will vary from one person to another. However, monthly premiums are usually fairly inexpensive and affordable, between $ 20 and no more than $ 50.

In many cases people end up paying zero, yes, zero $, for health insurance. That is why it is very important that inform yourself, ask questions and seek advice. Whether you already have a plan and want to change or improve it. And if you don’t have a plan, you can also check.

What benefits are you going to enjoy?

ObamaCare gives you the opportunity to enjoy at least 10 health care benefits. Which include care for pregnant patients at all stages. Also consultations with specialists and contraceptives.

ObamaCare includes emergency care and hospitalization, rehabilitation services, preventive and psychological treatments, medical examinations and medications prescribed by your doctor. These are just some of the benefits you will receive with ObamaCare.

Not to mention that you can receive the same benefits of a normal health policy, depending on the plan you choose from your insurer. It is very important to discuss this with your insurance agent.

What are the requirements for ObamaCare?

The requirements demanded by the federal government are basically 2. So you don’t have to worry about filling out a large number of papers; If you are a US citizen or resident with legal status and meet the income limit established by the government to apply for ObamaCare, you can do so.

Fill out the enrollment application for ObamaCare, remember that there are only a few days left to qualify for this benefit. If you want more information contact us through our social networks and YouTube channel.