ObamaCare subsidies. You will pay less

ObamaCare subsidies. You will pay less

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Blog, Health, ObamaCare

Every year the government grants subsidies for your health insurance. If you want to opt for this option and don’t know how to do it, we at Opportunity Insurance will help you. We explain what this ObamaCare plan consists of and how you can pay less and continue to enjoy all the benefits of your insurance coverage.

Many are the doubts that we will try to clear; for example, did insurance premiums go down? How does my plan affect? How do I know how much I have to pay? We hope to answer all these common doubts and questions below. You also have at your disposal our contact 786-334-6612, in case you prefer to specify any important information or information of your interest.

What is ObamaCare?

It is one of the reforms implemented by the government, helping people with limited resources to purchase health insurance with basic coverage for a very low price. This plan can benefit people with existing diseases and pregnant women.

ObamaCare is a subsidy from the state. This means that any person who is citizen or permanent resident, with a social security number, can choose to apply to this application. You must meet certain monthly income requirements, which can vary.

How to apply for ObamaCare?

Normally to request it you have a period of time each year. So from now on Opportunity Insurance we can help you with the required paperwork . The first thing you should do is fill out the requirements for the application; If you have doubts, you can contact our agents, who will gladly give you all the help possible.

You should bear in mind that after making the request, you will have about 45 days to obtain your insurance. So the faster you contact the insurer, the better. Or even if you already have an insurance policy with us, you can do this procedure and you will pay much less.

Everything will be done by calculating your real income, even the monthly premium could be zero. In other cases it can be reduced up to $ 50. And the best thing is that your plan will not change, you will continue to receive the same benefits from your insurance, with the difference that you will pay less.

ObamaCare benefits

This 2021 the benefits that you can enjoy if you apply for ObamaCare are the following:

  • Better coverage for seniors.
  • Prevent insurers from making additional charges or rejecting your application due to your health.
  • All insurance plans must cover minimum benefits.
  • Adults up to 26 years old can remain insured with parents.
  • Prohibits unjustified increase in monthly premiums.
  • Help with acquiring a children’s chip.
  • Small businesses may be exempted from some taxes by offering health insurance to their employees.
  • Life limits, annual limits, and coverages in Pain is eliminated.
  • Big businesses are obliged to insure their employees.
  • Insurers must cover people with existing illnesses.

What does ObamaCare cover?

If you buy ObamaCare insurance with our agents, you will receive the same benefits. Consultations with specialists, preventive care, medical emergencies, hospitalization, laboratory tests, prescription drugs, pediatrics, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, psychiatry, rehabilitation and addiction treatments and more.

Remember that the prices of this insurance may vary depending on your income. Therefore, if you already have an insurance plan with us or are thinking of acquiring it, do not hesitate to call us, our agents can gladly recalculate the subsidy, which in many cases is between $ 30 and $ 80 $, something quite cheap and with the same benefits that you already enjoyed, because your plan will not change.

Don’t forget to visit us on our YouTube channel for more information and visit our social networks; At Opportunity Insurance we are here to serve you. Remember, you only have a limited time each year to sign up and enjoy these benefits.