Adriana Martinez

Department :
Insurance Advisor
Phone :
+1 (416)-507-0468
Email :
Address :
3750 W 16th Ave Suite 222, Hialeah, FL
Working Hours :
Monday to Friday - 9am to 7pm.

About Adriana Martinez

Adriana Martinez works at Opportunity Insurance as CSR (Customer Service Representative). In this
position, her responsibility is to provide personalized attention in home, automobile, commercial
insurance transactions, etc., always under the supervision of a licensed agent. Adriana helps meet
customer needs, which is a priority for her. Adriana is of Cuban nationality, lover of reading and
letters; but being a mother is her greatest satisfaction.

Why choose Adriana Martinez?

Adriana Martinez helps you with
con variety of insurance coverage

Auto Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Home Insurance
Umbrella Insurance
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