Eliannys Leyva

Department :
CEO & Founder
Work Hours :
Monday to Friday - 9am to 7pm

About Eliannys Leyva

Eliannys Leyva is an Insurance Agent and the owner of Opportunity Insurance Inc. Established in
2015, this is a company dedicated to educating its clients about everything related to various types
of insurance, providing the best possible service for the needs of each client. Eliannys believes that
clients should be an agent’s priority. She specializes in finding the best insurance policy option,
based on her experience and knowledge. Eliannys plays a key role in the continuous development
of strategic relationships, ensuring flexibility in responding to an increasingly demanding market.
When she is not working on new projects, helping clients or in meetings, Eliannys enjoys spending
time with her family in activities such as traveling, going on new adventures and cooking.

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