The importance of always having health insurance

The importance of always having health insurance

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Health, ObamaCare

Have you been through some unpleasant situation, be it an illness or an accident, and have you had to go to the hospital without insurance? If that has been your case, surely you have realized how expensive a medical bill can be. That is why at Opportunity Insurance we always urge our clients to have health insurance. If you are one of those who think that you do not need it, that you are in good health, that it is money wasted badly, etc., today we want to give you some reasons why it is important to have health insurance.

Having health insurance is necessary

Although in the country it is not mandatory to have medical insurance, it is necessary to be protected in the event of something unforeseen, such as an illness or accident . Also, health insurance can help you with treatments. It is better to be safe than sorry, and stress caused by financial problems is more common than we imagine. But having insurance can avoid that and more.

Medical costs are high

In the United States, you can spend a lot of money in a hospital. Just one day of hospitalization can cost about $ 3,000, and this amount can vary depending on the hospital and where you are, as well as how many days you should last. On average, the expense can exceed $ 20,000. Which is a large sum that we may not have at the time of a medical emergency.

Diseases can arise

From one moment to the next we could get sick without warning, even if we look healthy. That is the case of a man, who apparently was in good health and therefore did not see it necessary to pay for medical insurance. When, without warning, he suffered a heart attack, he had to spend several days in the hospital and a month without being able to work. This real life case confirms the need to have the support of health insurance and a policy in case of being unable to work.

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What services does health insurance cover us?

The contract between the insurance company and the insured offers basic services established by law, which you can obtain at a very affordable price. Among them we have:

  • Outpatient medical service without hospitalization.
  • Medicines with medical prescription
  • Emergency care, after an accident or serious event and without warning.
  • Care for mental problems, drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Inpatient service upon admission to a hospital.
  • Rehabilitation therapies, including devices, if required.
  • Preventive and routine care, examination for diabetes, cholesterol, mammograms, Pap smears, among others.
  • Laboratory tests
  • Pediatric service.
  • Maternity.
  • Newborn care.
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How to get health insurance?

If you want to have peace of mind and be prepared for any future event, the best decision you can make is to have health insurance services. To obtain them you must contact professionals in the field, who They will support you according to your needs and budget.

Your employer may offer you the possibility of obtaining a health policy or covering part of it. And if you do not have the resources you can opt for some of the government benefits like ObamaCare, which we fully manage.

At Opportunity Insurance we are here to serve you, and we can help you in any of these areas, as our agents are trained to support you. Our main interest is your peace of mind , and that is why we always offer our clients the best insurance services of all kinds. You can visit us in our office, visit social networks or call us at 786-334-66-12.

Do not expect to need insurance to have it , we want to avoid all the problems that you may have when you do not have health insurance. Therefore, request your policy tailored to your needs.