Tips on Plastic Surgery and Insurance

Tips on Plastic Surgery and Insurance

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Blog, Health, Insurance

We all want to be healthy and look good, and sometimes this can be achieved only with plastic surgery, be it cosmetic or reconstructive . We at Opportunity Insurance know this, and that is why we want to help you in this field where most insurers do not cover, with a plastic surgery policy. Let’s first talk about the types of plastic surgery, how many there are and how they influence your choice of insurance.

Differences between cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a branch of medicine that is responsible for repairing or repositioning any part of the body, whether it affects only appearance, function or both.

Cosmetic surgery

In this case, patients do not need surgery for health reasons. They do it to improve or change their physical appearance or to rejuvenate; so the key to differentiate one from the other is the reason why the person is going to have the surgery.

Reconstructive surgery

This type of surgery is also known as restorative. These are done to correct damage caused by different causes. Among the most common we have a traffic accident, serious burns, infections or congenital diseases.

Most health policies do not usually include cosmetic plastic surgery, as they do not consider it a necessity, in addition to its high costs. You can consult with our advisors at Opportunity Insurance and they will show you the plans we have for you in this field.

What can a medical policy include regarding plastic surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is included in health policies . The coverage of this policy may include skin repairs or reconstruction, physical malformations and bone fractures. Surgeries such as rhinoplasties (nose), otoplasties (ears) and blepharoplasties (eyelids) can be included in this policy as long as they are justified or are for health reasons.

In body surgeries the policy may include oncoplasties (breast reconstructions), abdominal surgeries, hands or implants to correct deformations due to congenital defects or degenerative diseases. Communication between the insurer and the insured is fundamental, to avoid inconveniences when requesting coverage of our policy in these types of surgery.

Medical or health insurance

This insurance helps you with medical expenses, which are usually high. For this reason, it is extremely important to have insurance that protects the well-being of the whole family.

Having a health insurance contract with an insurer that understands your needs and adapts to your budget is not an easy task. In Opportunity Insurance we know that; that is why we have different health plans adapted to your needs and pocket. Health insurance offers you certain advantages and some of them are:

Choose your doctor

The insurance company has a wide variety of medical centers, in which you can choose a professional to treat you, depending on your health problems.

Efficiency and speed

You can go to the specialist in case of an emergency and be treated without a prior consultation; Furthermore, studies, analyzes and diagnoses are delivered in a period of no more than 8 days.


If you require hospitalization, you have the comfort of a single room and all the services necessary for your care. You can rest easy and so can your family.

Variety of policies

In your medical insurance you can include the policies you want, dental services, medical treatments, among others. All of them can be adjusted to your needs and budget.

If you want more information remember to contact us. At Opportunity Insurance we are here to serve you. You can also visit our YouTube channel and social networks.