You have a completely free preventive medical exam every year

You have a completely free preventive medical exam every year

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Health

Taking care of our health is extremely important. Doctors recommend annual check-ups to screen for serious illnesses, such as cancer or diabetes. For this reason, at Opportunity Insurance we give you the option to have a FREE preventive medical exam every year. Let’s see what this exam consists of, what it includes, what it does not, and how you can get more information.

What is a preventive medical exam?

This comprehensive exam, which is usually performed in one day, can help you uncover any serious illness or health problems that may worsen over time. Your doctor should take into account your family history and habits to determine your risk factors for certain diseases. This exam usually includes annual checkups, tests and medical exams that can vary if you are male or female.

The preventive medical exam differs from other exams, such as check-ups. For example, if an irregular value appears in a preventive exam, your doctor may decide to follow up or start some treatment. This additional service may not be included in the preventive exam that you have quoted with your insurance.

What does the preventive medical examination include?

Normally a full annual consultation, where you are checked in all areas of health, both physical and emotional. This way, any possible illness can be detected early before it is too late. Among the most common preventive medical exams we have:


Generally applies to women over 40 years of age. An x-ray of the breast tissue that shows signs of cancer or other chronic diseases.


This test is usually performed after the age of 50 in both men and women, to detect colon cancer. Also included are tests such as the Pap smear , the prostate exam for men, and cholesterol tests.

If you want more information you can contact our Opportunity Insurance agents who are here to serve you, and they will offer you more details of this benefit that our clients have.

What is not included in the preventive medical exam?

Routine medical exams or some diagnostic tests are not included in this service. Additional consultations after your annual visit to the doctor are not included in this benefit either.

Consultations with specialists such as neurologist, podiatrist, orthopedist, gastroenterologist, among others, and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc. neither are they. It is important to talk with your insurance agent, so that you are aware of the studies that you can carry out in this annual preventive exam, as many insurance companies tend to vary.

Preventive medical exam Free?

That’s right, we at Opportunity Insurance offer our policyholders this benefit. Once a year you have a preventive medical examination in which you can undergo mammography, Papanicolaou, prostate exam, cholesterol , among others. You can call our offices and we will gladly give you more information.

Benefits of the preventive medical exam

The main purpose of this annual checkup is to help you be healthier. By keeping you in check regularly, your doctor will be able to identify any abnormality or possible disease in time. Among other benefits we have:

  • The annual preventive medical exam is completely free, so you don’t have to worry; Just by having annual health coverage you can enjoy this service.
  • Early detection of certain diseases helps to achieve adequate treatment and improve quality of life.
  • By having A preventive exam can be more focused on your health goals.
  • Complete evaluation of a person’s health status quickly and easily.

For these and many other benefits, it is important to perform your annual preventive medical exam. Remember to visit our YouTube channel to learn about this and other Opportunity Insurance benefits.